Special symposium on Robin Hood

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Special symposium on Robin Hood

_39177612_robinhoodstatue2300Hosted by Ann Rippin, SCOS Chair (Home town – Nottingham)

The conference will include a mini symposium on Robin Hood as Nottingham is known, courtesy, perhaps, of Howard Pyle; Walter Scott; Warner Bros. and Walt Disney, as the home of this forest-dweller of note.  The symposium will concentrate on the main theme of home, but may also include:

  • Narratives of place and space in the construction of home
  • The tension between the ‘pure’ and ‘natural’ forest and the wickedness and corruption of the court
  • The outlaw as hero, maverick leaders
  • Corporate governance in the absence of formal authority
  • Robin Hood taxes
  • Local heroes and narratives and marketing cities
  • Homosociability
  • Contested narratives of home, homelands and local legends
  • Robin Hood, popular culture and organisation.

Submission details

We accept submissions at various stages of development, including abstracts, research notes, developmental papers and full papers. Full papers will be peer reviewed if required for your own institutional purposes. For all types of submission, in the first instance an abstract of 500 words maximum should be submitted to scos2015@ntu.ac.uk by November 21, 2014. If submitting to the Open Stream or Robin Hood symposium, please state this clearly on the abstract.


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